Traveler's ArmorTargeFighter's CapLeather BootsLeather Gloves

Traveler's Armor, Targe, Fighter's Cap, Leather Boots, Leather Gloves

Helmet Edit

Fighter's Cap

ranger Guard Orc Cap

Spirit Helm

Knight's Helmet

Elven Helm

Helm of Legend

Golden Helmet

Azure Helmet

Crimson Helmet

Champion's Helmet

Dark Helmet

Archangel Helm

Xiake Hat



Mask of Magic

Ancient Circlet

Mask of Mystery

Crown of Truth

Immortal Visage

Pumpkin Head

Santa's Hat

Armor Edit

Traveler's Armor

Ranger Armor

Combat Armor

Spirit Armor

Knight's Armor

Elven Mail

Armor of Legend

Golden Armor

Azure Armor

Crimson Armor

Shining Armor

Spectral Armor

Angelic Plate

Shield Edit


Steel Shield

Heavy Shield

Knight's Shield

Tower Shield

Shield of Legend

Centaur Shield

Golden Shield

Ancient Shield

Meteoric Shield

Blessed Shield

Obsidian Shield

Angelic Shield

Gloves Edit

Leather Gloves

Fighter Gloves

Magician's Gloves

Hero's Gloves


Elven Gloves

Legendary Gloves

Golden Gloves

Azure Gloves

Crimson Gloves

Shining Gauntlets

Dark Fists

Angelic Gloves

Boots Edit

Leather Boots

Traveling Boots

Ranger Boots

Hero's Boots

Knight Boots

Sentry Boots

Boots of Legend

Golden Boots

Berserker Boots

Spiked Boots

Shining Boots

Dark Boots

Boots of Archangel

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